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Thursday, 02 July 2020 22:52

Vasco da Gama

Profession: Explorer

Nationality: Portuguese

Why Famous: Vasco da Gama was the first European explorer to reach India by sea, helping to establish Portugal as a colonial power and changing the previous dependence Europe had on trade overland.

Vasco da Gama left Portugal with 4 ships on his first voyage in 1497, rounded the Cape of Good Hope and travelled up the African coast. Arriving in the trading port of Calicut, India in May of 1498 he was warmly received, though failed to establish permanent relations.

After an arduous journey home he returned to Portugal in August of 1499 to a hero's welcome, including the noble title of Dom.

In 1502, Vasco da Gama made a second less successful voyage to Calicut with the aim of subduing the town with a fleet of fifteen ships. This voyage was marked by acts of cruelty, including looting and burning a Muslim pilgrim ship with pilgrims inside.

After this, Vasco da Gama fell out of favor, until 1524 when he was appointed Indian Viceroy, However, 3 months after arriving again in India, Vasco da Gama died of malaria.

Died: December 24, 1524
Cause of Death: Malaria

Published in Headline News:
Thursday, 02 July 2020 22:42

Portuguese Discover Brazil

Pedro Álvares Cabral was chosen by the Portuguese crown to lead a major expedition to India in 1500. A fleet of 13 ships and an estimated 1500 men left Portugal to follow in the footsteps of Vasco da Gama's earlier expedition in search of new trade routes.

It is still unclear today whether Cabral's journey into the west Atlantic was deliberate or not but on the 22nd April 1500 land was spotted at what Cabral christened Monte Pascoal in what is now modern Brazil. The expedition went on to spend about 10 days exploring the coast and interacting with indigenous peoples. Cabral claimed the lands for the Portuguese crown under the conditions of the Treaty of Tordesillas, agreed with Spain which granted Portugal sway over undiscovered lands along the meridian of 370 leagues.

The rest of the expedition was equally momentous. Cabral lost six of his ships in a storm off Mozambique before reaching India, where he battled with locals and competing Arab merchants before loading up with spices and returning home in July 1501.

Published in Headline News:
Sunday, 22 April 1500 22:36

April 22, 1500

Pedro Álvares Cabral is the first European to discover Brazil, landing near Monte Pascoal, claims it for Portugal.

Published in Headline News:
Friday, 09 March 1500 22:21

March 9, 1500

Pedro Álvares Cabral departs Lisbon, Portugal at the head of a 13 ship expedition to India that will also claim Brazil for Portugal.

Published in Headline News:
Thursday, 02 July 2020 09:00

Treaty of Tordesillas

The treaty signed at Tordesillas in Spain in 1494 between Spain and Portugal divided up newly discovered lands between the two sea-faring powers along a meridian 370 leagues backed up by Papal bulls.

This line stretched pole to pole west of the Verde Islands. Spain was to take all lands to the west, including Christopher Columbus' new discoveries, and Portugal to the east, including the coast of Africa. It later enabled Portugal to claim the coast of Brazil. Other European nations never accepted the treaty or its terms.

Published in Headline News:
Thursday, 07 June 1494 08:53

June 7, 1494

Treaty of Tordesillas: Spain and Portugal divide the new world along a meridian 370 leagues west of the Cape Verde islands, off the west coast of Africa.

Published in Headline News:
Thursday, 11 June 2020 16:12

Airbnb Is Making A Huge Rebound

Another sign that the economy is rebounding is that Airbnb is experiencing an increase in bookings as customers emerge from several months of being cooped up in their homes because of Covid-19.
Airbnb said that it had more US bookings between May 17 and June 3, which encompassed Memorial Day on May 25, than the same time period a year earlier. That signals Americans are ready to travel, albeit primarily within the United States.

Airbnb CEO Brian Chesky said he's noticed travelers are preferring to stick to drivable domestic destinations within 200 miles of their homes. The complications of international travel is making it difficult for people to explore outside of their home countries.

Chesky said customers are booking for one week or longer because of the shift to remote working. "Work from home is becoming working from any home," he said.

There has also been a rise in domestic bookings in Portugal, Germany and South Korea.

The rise in bookings is coming after the abrupt shut down of the global travel industry in late winter as Covid-19 spread.

Airbnb, like other travel companies, has had share of bad months. The San Francisco-based company axed a quarter of its workforce in May and refocused its efforts on rentals and experiences. Some hosts are even selling their properties because of the steep decline in bookings.

Travelers are opting to stick to driving in the safe space of their own car rather than flying.

But the airline industry shows just the opposite. American Airlines is bolstering its July schedule following a better-than-expected uptick in demand, particularly to Florida and mountain destinations in the West.

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