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Georgia Manufacturing Alliance

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GMA Provides Easy Way to Buy from Georgia Companies

October 31st is the Deadline to have a Company Listed in the Georgia Manufacturing Directory.

Finding local sources can be a challenge for individuals and businesses who have a desire to support Georgia-manufactured goods and services.

The Georgia Manufacturing Alliance (GMA) is taking an active role in solving this challenge. GMA is pleased to provide the 2015-2016 Georgia Manufacturing Directory.

The Georgia Manufacturing Alliance is a professional organization on a mission to create profitable business connections for member companies through direct referrals and industry-related events. Since 2008, GMA has been the most active group of manufacturing professionals in the State of Georgia.

GMA provides monthly plant tours, educational sessions, and networking opportunities designed to help support Georgia's manufacturing community. GMA is one of the fastest growing communities of manufacturing professionals in the region.

Companies that manufacture products in Georgia are encouraged to join GMA and be listed in this directory. The deadline for being included in the current annual release of the directory is October 31st, 2015.

Attendees of the upcoming 2015 Georgia Manufacturing Summit will receive a copy of the Georgia Manufacturing Directory.


Membership details for Georgia Manufacturing Alliance

Georgia Manufacturing Summit - November 18th


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