Caraway-Juniper Sauerkraut

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Caraway-Juniper Sauerkraut Caraway-Juniper Sauerkraut

Total Time: 20 minutes

Hands-on Time: 20 minutes

Makes: 1 servings

This basic spiced sauerkraut recipe is the perfect way to begin your homemade sauerkraut journey.

Or use this recipe as the foundation for your own version.

See additional variations below and experiment with different spices and accompanying vegetables.



1. Slice or shred cabbage as finely as you like with sharp knife or with slice wheel of food processor.

2. Mix the cut cabbage, salt, caraway, and juniper in mixing bowl.

3. Massage cabbage mixture aggressively by picking up fistfuls in your hands and squeezing hard, repeatedly, for a minute or two, until liquid starts running freely from the cabbage when you squeeze it.

4. Pack the cut cabbage into canning jar, pressing down firmly as you go, trying to eliminate air pockets in the jar.

5. Once all cabbage is in, pour any remaining liquid from mixing bowl into jar as well. It will all fit.

6. Close lid and leave at room temperature.

7. Once a day for first several days, open jar. (Some gases should escape when you do this.)

8. Pack down contents of jar until liquid rises over them.

9. Close lid just until you meet resistance.

Sauerkraut is ready after 4 days or up to a year at room temperature.

Taste it at any point during that period, and refrigerate it when you like the way it tastes.

Variations to the Caraway-Juniper Sauerkraut Recipe:

For a different flavor: Try adding 1 teaspoon whole Organic Fennel Seeds, Organic Cumin Seeds, or Organic Anise Seeds instead of the Caraway and Juniper.

For coleslaw-style sauerkraut: Add some shredded carrot and onion and sliced green pepper, remove an equal weight of cabbage, and add 1 teaspoon Whole Celery Seeds.

For curtido-style sauerkraut: Add some shredded carrot and onion, remove an equal weight of cabbage, and add 1 teaspoon Mexican Oregano Leaf and ½ teaspoon Crushed Red Chile Peppers.

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